W. Sturhahn received his Ph.D. in physics in 1992 from the University of Hamburg, based on a thesis in nuclear resonant scattering with synchrotron radiation. After a brief stay at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, he joined the Experimental Facilities Division of the Advanced Photon Source as visiting scientist in 1993 and accepted a staff position with Argonne National Laboratory in 1994. There he developed the nuclear resonant scattering beam line, discovered inelastic nuclear resonant scattering, a unique method for determination of vibrational density-of-states, and was responsible for the nuclear resonant scattering program. His research interests focus on high-pressure measurements for geophysical applications, vibrational studies on iron containing biomolecules and proteins, the vibrational and magnetic behavior of thin films, and the development of evaluation software for nuclear resonant scattering data.

In 2010 Sturhahn left Argonne as Senior Physicist and joined the Jet Propul-sion Laboratory as senior-level Technologist. There he has been part of the JPL/Caltech in situ geochronology project, developed a high-vacuum Laser ablation system for static detection and isotope analysis of noble gases such as He, Ne, Ar, and provided quantitative data on the 40Ar content of characterized mineral samples. Sturhahn also developed the NEET software package for calibration of JPL's NISDVU instrument.

In 2012 Sturhahn left JPL to pursue his core scientific interests. He maintains a Visiting Associate position in the Geological and Planetary Sciences division at the California Institute of Technology.


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